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Quotes by Marie

“A free spirit
is a trained spirit.”

“Happiness is a
skill we teach ourselves.”

“Breathe thankfulness.”

“The Latin definition of innocence is “without wounds.” Isn’t that powerful? Imagine releasing yourself from every wound you’ve suffered. It takes work, deep, intentional spiritual work, but it’s the  transformative path to heaven on earth.”

Condensed from the chapter, “Your True and False Self” from  book,

“Beauty can be a problem. We desire beauty, we’re afraid of not finding it, concerned others have more of it than we have. When we find beauty or finally relax in our beauty, we try to hang on to it; not lose it or allow it to be taken from us. If beauty drives us we’re on the wrong bus -How can I say this? Because true beauty is  what’s in us and it’s through our inner beauty we can appreciate and handle the beauty of the world…”

Taken from a talk given by Marie to a group of Quiet Prayer meditators in San Diego, 2013

“No tsunami or disaster outside us compares with the storms that can rage within us.”

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